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What is a TentBox?

Put simply, a TentBox is a sleeping pod that attaches to the roof of any vehicle.  Your car, SUV, van or pick up can be transformed allowing you to travel and camp wherever you want!

Unlock and expand your TentBox in minutes, with each model offering more space and additional features. You can take advantage of our fitting service when you buy from us.

Not sure which one to buy?  We have all the models on display at our showroom, so you see them in action!

Our showroom address is:

P J Nicholls Ltd, The Motor House, Station Road, Pershore, Worcs WR10 2DJ 01386 555555

Which TentBox Is Right For You!

How Does a TentBox Work?

Confused about how a TentBox fits to your vehicle? It’s a lot more simple than it looks!

1. Attach roof bars to vehicle

Roof bars are suited to any vehicle, regardless of roof type.

We offer a variety of roof bars to suit different models, which you can find on our TentBox Accessories page.

We also offer a fitting service, if you require help in attaching these.

2. Consider roof capacity

Be sure to check your vehicle’s manual, or contact our team to find out the maximum weight recommended for your vehicle.

Each TentBox model has their own roof load capacity, so bear this in mind when selecting your model. 

3. Select your TentBox model

Choose from the Cargo, Classic, Lite XL, and Lite ranges.

Select your TentBox

Benefits of Camping With a TentBox

Easy and quick set-up

The TentBox Classic and TentBox Cargo come with a gas-assisted opening mechanism, meaning your camping set-up can be ready for sleeping in a minute.

Even without this mechanism, the TentBox Lite can also be set up with minimal effort in as little as 3 minutes.

Models come with a mattress and ladder 

All TentBox models come with a mattress, fixing kit and ladder for easy access and comfort.

The TentBox Classic and TentBox Cargo have storage room to keep your pillows and duvet inside when it’s closed, meaning you can simply pull up, pop-up and get into bed!

Don’t want to travel too heavy? No problem! The TentBox Lite weighs only 50kgs and folds down to a compact package when not in use. 

Bringing you back to nature

The TentBox Lite has a built-in skylight, allowing you to watch the stars from the comfort of your tent. 

The skylight feature is perfect for those who want to connect with the outdoors, being able to see the environment around you. It also lets in the morning sunlight, helping you to start your day feeling fresh.

Still Unsure? Contact Our Team

If you're still unsure of which TentBox is right for you, get in touch with our team for expert advice.

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