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Accessories For Your Commercial Vehicle

At PJ Nicholls Shop, we stock a variety of accessories to suit commercial vehicles and pickup trucks, aiding your daily routine. With Safe-T-Steps and bars available, as well as a selection of roller shutters, we hope to make both you and your belongings safer and more secure.

We are also beginning to add stock for a range of Commercial Van accessories manufactured by Van Guard. If you don’t see your model here yet just drop us a line and we’ll be able to get hold of it for you.

With Roof Racks, Roof Bars and Internal Racking that make the most of your van’s internal and external storage capacity to a wide range of Bulkheads, Window Grilles and Window Blanks that are specifically designed to fit each of the most popular commercial van makes and models to offer improved safety and security.

Why not make life simpler? Check out our range of accessories below:

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Transit Courier(0)

The most compact of Ford's vans, the Transit Courier Van is great when you find your work takes you through narrow streets or squeezing through tight access points. When it comes to relying on your Transit Courier Van to have everything you need for a job, you want accessories that help make the most of…




Find a range of accessories for your Ford Commercial Van here at PJ Nicholls. We stock a a range of high quality, must have add-ons from Van Guard that make the most of your van's cargo and roof space. If you don't see what you want just get in touch with us we will have…

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Internal Racking(0)

Need Internal Racking for your van? See our range of options.

Roof Rack(0)

View our range of Roof Racks to fit many types of vehicle


Find a bulkhead for your vehicle

Window Blank(0)

Find a Window Blank to fit your car

Window Grille(0)

See our range of Window Grilles to fit many types of vehicle

Roof Bars(0)

We have Roof Bars for many makes and models, find yours!

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Why do I need these accessories?

Protect Your Belongings

Bulkheads, Window Grilles and Blanks keep you and your belongings safe from the elements and theft, and are made from zinc-coated steel.
Designed specifically for your model just take a look at the options above to find your van.

Keep Your Privacy

We have a range of items that will allow you to keep your possessions hidden from prying eyes. You'll no longer have to worry about having valuable or private items on display.

Organise Your Storage

Fed up of your tools and equipment being loose in the van and always having to find ways to secure them? Our Internal racking allows you make space in your cargo bay so that you can fit materials and other essential items safely around them

Roof Storage

Our Roof Racks and Roof Bars allow you to find that extra bit of storage for ladders, materials and more. With the addition of roller bars you can also load and unload them smoothly and safely without damaging yourself or your van.

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If you're still unsure of which commercial accessory you need, contact our aftersales team today!

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